Newsletter-construction updates

SVBF North

May the grace of Sri Sharadamba and the blessings of our Acharyas be with us all.  

We are pleased to announce the launch of new website and Facebook @SVBFNorth. Together with the SVBFNorth center in Michigan, SVBFSouth (in Houston, TX) and SVBFWest (in San Diego, CA) are also coming up. These regional Sringeri Sadhana Centers along with the existing center in Stroudsburg, PA have been formed to benefit devotees living across the country.
Please visit our new website for announcements, construction updates and available priestly services. Our email group mailing address has also changed to  Update your address book and/ or spam settings accordingly. Our web team volunteers welcome your suggestions. Forward this information to your friends and relatives and let us know if they would like to be added to our mailing list at

Construction Updates 

With blessings from our Acharyas and community support, our temple construction is progressing according to plan. Temple roofing and concrete flooring is complete. Sthapathi work commenced on the auspicious Sankata Hara Chaturthi day on Jan 23, 2019. Please visit our website for recent pictures.

Our mailing address:   
SVBF North,
26325 Halsted Road,
Farmington Hills, MI 48331. 

Mahodaya Punya Kalam 

- February 4, 2019

Mahodaya Punya Kalam falls on February 04, 2019. It is an unique combination of Amavasya Thithi, Shraavan Nakshatra, Vyatipatha Yoga, Indu Vasarah in Magha Month. 

Dhaanam (Donations) done this day will give  benefits equivalent to that of doing 1000 Aswamedha Yajna according to Skanda Puranam, Sethu Mahathmiyam, Brahma Kandam,  52nd Adhyaayam.

Do not miss the opportunity to generously donate and support your SVBFNorth center on February 4th, 2019. 
Sponsorship Opportunities are available.